The user iPhone X found some problems display call delay not soon enough.

Some iPhone X users have reported the problem to Apple Support Web by saying that iPhone X display to that calls to delay 6-10 seconds after the call. so many times can not answer immediately. This problem

Top 10 PC games for free play to make money in 2017.

Superdata Research released summary information on the top 10 PC games are making money in 2017, one is not surprised. The game is impossible to League of Legends, which has grossed 2.1 billion dollars from 1.8 billion

Find new vulnerability Flash Player was used to attack.

Talos safety research unit of Cisco report a new vulnerability of Adobe Flash was found to be used to attack them. This code is CVE-2018-4878 vulnerability model zero day found in Flash every platform all versions, including

The worldwide Smartphone market decreased 6.3%

IDC reported the market for smartphones in Q4 2017 shipments total 403.5 million units, down 6.3% compared to the same period in 2016. section numbers throughout the year 2017 is the 1,472 million. Reduced from the year 2016 is

The user Windows 10 overtook the Windows 7.

StatCounter statistics, visit the global website. Reports that use Windows 10, surpassing the operating system version, Windows 7 has been in the month of January 2018 statistics, StatCounter indicates that Windows 10 accounted for 42.78% of Windows users

Bitcoin lower price $9,000

Today Bitcoin prices continue to fall steadily. The latest price was less than $ 9,000 and agreed to a minimum to just 8355.02 dollars. Stephen Innes, Asia-Pacific head of currency trading firm Oanda analyze how Bitcoin will fall to