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1 month in prison and charged with publishing fake news in Malaysia.

Legal Manager of fake news Malaysia Start condone man Saleh Sulaiman on charges of spreading fake news on YouTube by a fine of more than 2 billion dollars, but the accused does not have the money to

Launch J-deite RIDE the robot changes style Transformers.

J-deite RIDE is a robot that transforms into a car. Created by a company called Brave Robotics robotic toy company Takara Tomy, whose task is to support the project. The event was the master designer Kunio Okawara

Interpol raids web search marketing contractor who shot DDoS.

International police force, along with the international police have invaded the site owner arrested in, which is a Web marketplace to find and shoot, one of the largest DDoS. With the amount of 136,000 registered users

Apple stop production equipment AirPort router.

Apple announced the stops production of the goods which are the AirPort router device family of companies, whether official action is the AirPort Express, AirPort Extreme, and Time Capsule as the rumors that come out from the

Chinese police seize mines Cryptocurrency The latter is found stealing electricity.

Police in North China’s Tianjin City, prolonged seizing 600 computer used to excavate, mine Crypto by stating that the case for stealing electricity, the largest in many years. In addition to the computer 600 machine, a high

Trial of China punish system people walk across street without lights.

We see the development of the device and automation to help reduce car accidents across the street. By installing lights on the surface to hurt players, smart phones will not see across street without lights. As in

English stopped using coal to generate electricity for up to 55 hours.

Coal is a cheap source of energy. Commonly used to produce electricity as well. But there are also disadvantages when it is burned, then the toxic products. The cause of the greenhouse. At present, many countries are

Apple launched Daisy robot disassemble iPhone for recycling.

Apple unveiled a robot, named Daisy, a recycling project. Related to the environment, Apple is pushing for. The goal is to provide materials and mineral products of Apple. Can be recycled into new devices have a closed-loope

Google create AI in microscope light tissue analysis cell which is malignant.

Google developed artificial intelligence to analyze images from the microscope. With visual learning tumor tissue that has been diagnosed by a physician for many. It can take a new photo. Recognize that now is the tumor cells

Amazon launched its Internet browser on Android – Internet: fast, lite, and private

Amazon launches a Internet browser on Android an name is Internet: fast, lite and private, quietly in which Amazon talk that fast, light and privacy with one size 2MB now open for download only in India only.