1 month in prison and charged with publishing fake news in Malaysia.

Legal Manager of fake news Malaysia Start condone man Saleh Sulaiman on charges of spreading fake news on YouTube by a fine of more than 2 billion dollars, but the accused does not have the money to spend, thus imprisoned one month

Saleh Sulaiman posted a video on YouTube, said police took 50 minutes to answer. reaction to the incident report Fadi al-Batsh, a lecture, a Palestinian was shot in Kuala Lumpur. But police say that actually takes just 8 minutes resulted Sulaiman was charged with spreading false information.

The law to deal with fake news. There is a penalty is a fine 500,000 ringgit, or about $127,493 and remember you the maximum 6 years and many. The question that this law is intended to get rid of the false news. Or to control the expression of the people. Includes many people wonder law is an attempt to disable the social question scandal about corruption. The prime minister Najib Razak accused the prime minister and his associates had told several thousand million. It amounts to fund investment of the state.

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