Launch J-deite RIDE the robot changes style Transformers.

J-deite RIDE is a robot that transforms into a car. Created by a company called Brave Robotics robotic toy company Takara Tomy, whose task is to support the project. The event was the master designer Kunio Okawara robot cartoons, so the design robots from Mobile Suit Gundam, Ultraman, including Brave Series to undertake mechanical design of the robot.

The size of the J-deite now changed to RIDE standing leg robot 2 with a height of 4 meters, can trip with speed 100 meters per hour (actually, is that it’s slower than a person’s walking speed is good but don’t forget that this is a heavy duty robots, 1,695 kilograms). There is a wheel that helps change the direction of rotation. J-deite RIDE options mechanism can move arms and fingers by a motion axis up to 49  by moving parts the whole propulsion electric motor all.

J-deite RIDE can transform into a car seat 2 in a vehicle, it can run at a speed of 60 kilometers per hour. By driving the two rear wheels, which can be used to transform into a robot movement while standing as well.

What is interesting is that most of J-deite RIDE people can sit in the robot really. By the time it was converted into a vehicle. Just open the door and into the car seat. Then, when it transformed into a dummy standing leg 2 cabin is lifted into the upper torso of a mannequin. The robot can be controlled from the cabin that is. Or via a wireless remote control as well.

The development team will bring out the J-deite RIDE show to the public next week. And develop a plan to sell it to a theme park. As well as creating jobs, according to the show in the future.

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