Interpol raids web search marketing contractor who shot DDoS.

International police force, along with the international police have invaded the site owner arrested in, which is a Web marketplace to find and shoot, one of the largest DDoS. With the amount of 136,000 registered users and more than 4 million times in the attack. Counts only this April

Interpol to identify the administrator of the site that live in Canada, Croatia, Serbia and the United Kingdom. The server is located in Netherlands, US and Germany. It has taken measures to deal with the next higher level.

Webstresser is similar to the Web, e-commerce is as an intermediary service for the seller to customers. by DDoS service costs may be as low as 15 euros per month, which is the Web of this nature has been DDoS attacks more frequency. By the information from the security research company Corero indicated that its customers took on average attack 6 times per day.

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