Trial of China punish system people walk across street without lights.

We see the development of the device and automation to help reduce car accidents across the street. By installing lights on the surface to hurt players, smart phones will not see across street without lights. As in Germany and South Korea, but also China and other developing certain manner. It is not only the system alerts busy playing smart phone. It is a device that automatically warn the people. And punished those who tried to cross the road at the time, that should not be crossed.

This device is the size about the thigh it installed infrared sensor to remove them. No different from the fence collective safety light beam devices used in automation of industrial plants. When someone is walking through it while the red light signal crossing the road still exists. It is sprayed fog-water comes out the people trying to cross the road. It was installed at the entrance in Huangshi City, Hubei Province .

However, when the news has been published as Chinese  reviews over the Internet many of the satire and disagree with these ideas. They now would someone remove the tanks come secondary to the water. Some people say that it doesn’t help anything in the rain, while some say it’s wasteful investment in what should be the duty of the police is already.

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