English stopped using coal to generate electricity for up to 55 hours.

Coal is a cheap source of energy. Commonly used to produce electricity as well. But there are also disadvantages when it is burned, then the toxic products. The cause of the greenhouse. At present, many countries are trying to reduce the use of coal in power generation using renewable energy.

Recent British record by not using coal to generate electricity for up to 55 hours, starting at 10 pm Monday to Thursday, five of the past. Local time During that time, the electricity by wind turbines instead. If you look at a graph It is evident that the use of coal stopped intermittently, but some is use it as well. The last time the record is not a good use of coal, electricity 40 hours ago in October.

The British installed offshore wind turbine than any country in the world. The demand for solar cells is growing as well, by the British government aiming to close coal plants across the country by 2025.

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