Apple launched Daisy robot disassemble iPhone for recycling.

Apple unveiled a robot, named Daisy, a recycling project. Related to the environment, Apple is pushing for. The goal is to provide materials and mineral products of Apple. Can be recycled into new devices have a closed-loope supply chain

robot Daisy is responsible for separating and sorting the parts iPhone, which is an improved version of the robot Liam first generation Apple launched in 2016. Currently, robots are used. 2 is an Austin, Texas, USA and the cities of Breda, the Netherlands has the iPhone can handle up to 200 units per hour. With selected pieces of material value. Which can be recycled further. The materials are maintained well.

In addition, Apple also said that all the devices that have been sent to recycle came to Apple from now until April 30, Apple would count to donate money to drive enterprise related to the environment in 30 countries.

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