Google create AI in microscope light tissue analysis cell which is malignant.

Google developed artificial intelligence to analyze images from the microscope. With visual learning tumor tissue that has been diagnosed by a physician for many. It can take a new photo. Recognize that now is the tumor cells become cancerous. Or where the tissue is abnormal.

What do Google’s artificial intelligence is to help ease the burden of doctors. When the tray is inserted into the tissue to be analyzed in a scope that has been specially modified. The image of the tissue that is reflected by the glass to the processor artificial intelligence. The program analyzes the image tissue in the microscope. It will be displayed as AR image appears on the screen to reflect the user’s eyes are fixed through two images of the microscope.

Google calls the system a device that used this scope visualization of AR (Augmented Reality Microscope) ARM, it doesn’t just display a dotted line surrounding the cell necrosis, only. But you can modify the output format is another symbol, such as a pointing arrow, text or even heat map and the important of the ARM is that it can be used when attaching the light microscope, which is used commonly in laboratories and hospitals.

Google aims to ARM system that can be used in addition to other branches of medicine, such as the task may be used to analyze the work material science, which certainly need to be trained for artificial intelligence with new data sets differ from this cancer analysis system.

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