Japan found the rare mineral for IT industry many at sea in the Pacific Ocean.

Japan announced the discovery of a rare mineral wealth beneath the sea in the Pacific Ocean. The mineral can be used with a wide range of industries, including IT industry.

The survey covers over 2,500 square kilometers. The survey team, which includes researchers from leading universities in Japan. Together with the private sector And government officials Has discovered mineralization in the mud under the sea near the island Minamitori estimated to contain a total of about 16 million tonnes in the REO (Rare Earth Oxide), which means the mineral oxides of rare earth elements to 1.2 million tonnes.

With the very useful, but rare, these minerals high value. Make China as the owner of the existing mineral resources are important bargaining power in the trade with Japan. Influence and mechanism of price of many industries.

The research team evaluation on mineral source to 16 million tons. That will not only make Japan has plenty of mineral industry for their long only. But this is called a volume rocker to enter with the manufacturing sector. The world left hundreds of years can be called a “use unlimited”.

The next step, researchers explore to invent find the secret to dig out the minerals from the sea up take advantage of the truth. The ore extraction out of the mud to find ways to effectively.

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