Chinese police arrested the suspect. In concert with the audience more than 50,000 people.

There is a story that in concert of Hong Kong artists Jacky Cheung which opened a show at the city Nanchang China is more than 50,000 audience,. The police arrested the suspect economic case is a fugitive. Thanks to face recognition technology (Facial Recognition).

The police revealed that the accused was a warrant in such a major case. And in the register of the need. His face was the data stored in the database. And when he appears in the camera image area manage concert. Face recognition system, the police to arrest the warning at the end.

Male celebrities said stated that they travel across town to the concert with his wife. And sure in concert with many people like this. He will be safe from being found by the authorities. Was shocked that the police can arrest.

Again, China has demonstrated the use of face recognition technology in cameras available throughout the country. According to the plan, China wants to install a camera to 600 million by the year 2020 which will help to prevent the crime problem.

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