New Ransomware found to unlock files when you play PUBG.

I don’t know that hackers enjoy or anything, when MalwareHunterTeam found new Ransomware named PUBG Ransomware not would take money from the victim. But I just want to make them play PUBG.

When the prey is encrypted Ransomware window will open up said files in the device are all encryption. Which how to unlock just fill out the code that is pressed Restore or open the game play, which although PUBG message can be said to play at least 1 hours. But in reality to play just 3 seconds. All files will be unlocked.

This is not the first time that hackers do Ransomware out it. Last year, it was found Ransomware named ResenWare to unlock files when the opening game. TH12 and scored to 2 billion points.

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