Problems iPhone 8 that change the screen from the repair shop outside doesn’t work.

There are reports that users iPhone 8 with screen By using the screen from the repair shop is not zero apple, found that when the update is the latest version 11.3 iOS body touch screen cannot be used normally. But if it is not updated version is also available.

Apple has not acknowledged the problem.  But the symptoms if anyone remember when 2 last year, the user iPhone 6 changed home button from the repair shop outside. Found the problem machine does not work if the update is iOS 9.2.1 which later Apple recognized as a bug in the software. Not intended to prevent the use of external hardware, the problem was solved in the updated version, which iOS later than this case should be similar to wait out the apple is updated software.

Conclude one such conditions, it should not be 11.3 iOS updates now.

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