The gaming company was fined $ 950,000 because deceive the sampling rate of Loot Box.

Three of the biggest game companies, South Korea’s Committee for Fair Trade of Korea (Korea Fair Trade Commission, or KFTC) fined in the amount of nearly one million dollars from the consumer fraud rate sampling of what to get from buying the Loot Box.

three such companies include NextFloor (was fined 4,600 dollars) Netmarble (55,000 dollars) and Nexon, which was fined the highest amount ($ 875,000) from the game by their. Sudden Attack

The Korea Herald reports that were fined large amounts of Nexon is derived from advertising sales Loot Box game Sudden Attack, which sold “piece” of items randomly 2 pieces of 16 pieces at a price of 0.85 dollars by you. players accumulate pieces in full will receive a special bonus game

KFTC said that consumers were led to believe that the sample rate to get a piece, each piece is evenly fact, some pieces are the pieces. None came to only 0.5% of the Loot Box is ready to raise the case of players who paid up to 430 dollars to be random for such parts. This is an example of the impact of misleading advertising that invites them.

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