The price Bitcoin down, resulting in hedge fund money Cryptocurrency gradually shut down.

Cryptocurrency hot money flows in 2017 resulted in a hedge fund that invests in money. Cryptocurrency up to 167 fund of the same year.

But the price of Cryptocurrency was down in 2018 by the Bitcoin price down to about $ 7,000 per BTC (lost about 50% from the peak), resulting in new funds in. 2018 down to just 20 funds and has funded many of the already announced closing.

to Bloomberg stated that a fund of at least 9 closed. One example is Alpha Protocol announced on web pages with risk oversight from the state. And market price fluctuations The Fund decided to return money to investors instead of Polychain Capital Fund is likely to be larger. With assets of approximately $ 250 million fund was decided to abandon plans to sell to the public as well.

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