Researchers create a sensor attached to the teeth to check food.

Researchers at Tufts University in the United States. Create tiny sensor that can be mounted on the inside of the tooth. The sensors will determine whether eating certain foods, including alcohol, too.

Sensors rectangular plate with a length of 2×2 mm, can detect glucose, salt and alcohol. It is flexible enough to attach to the surface of the teeth. You can send information about the nutrients that it can be detected by radio waves.

However, the concept of sensor installed on the user’s teeth, it may be inappropriate to actually use it. Both the hassle of maintenance. Including the risk that projects might fall down the throat of the user. Imagine if this sensor is fitted with dentures. Or installed along with iron teeth. It will not be exaggerating to develop sensors to be used in the near future.

The research team hopes that this will be a passport to the development of devices that help regulate nutrition for those who need to control eating foods such as sensors that can detect nutrients, specifically, and the result is a continuous time indeed. makes tracking the eating habits to be more accurate than relying on memory and note-taking.

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