Chinese customs to arrest movement using drone to smuggle a smartphone.

Chinese authorities have announced the arrest process smuggling smartphone by drone smuggled from Hong Kong to sell. The value of smartphone on the cause of this, totaling 500 million yuan,

the troublemaker of 26 people have used drones to fly over between Hong Kong and Shenzhen on the Chinese mainland. To stretch a cable length of 200 meters of 2 lines and cables that will carry the iPhone transported from Hong Kong into mainland China by the no tax.

Investigations by the Chinese Customs indicated that the offender often cause trouble at night. Which is sometimes used to transport the drone directly. By flying across the field with a carrying bag that protects your iPhone in about 10 machines, which act in this way, it only takes a few seconds and iPhone can carry up to 15,000 units in a single night.

The report states that this is the first movement of his arrest smugglers who find the use of drones to help in the cause. Customs also said it would add a measure of austerity and stronger. Because the cause of bringing new technologies. Used to evade surveillance and more. This is one of the measures that Customs will adopt is to use drones equipped with high resolution cameras, flight controller for the offender as well.

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