Facebook may also collect the video clips though it will never be posted on.

After someone discovered that Facebook is secretly collecting records of calls and messages from Android smartphones appear to have found a video clips file stored on Facebook.  Myself have not posted a video on Facebook that before.

Madison Malone Kircher, author of the web Select / All recalled her sister to investigate the retention of Facebook after hearing about the store call records and text messages from smartphone. By her sister to download those files. But it found that among the files that have been downloaded. Push a video file that I had taken with her. Both have not posted the video on Facebook before.

Those are video clips taken from the Facebook feature is not live. One of the ways Facebook users to communicate with each other at that time is compressed to remove the video clip posted on the front page of a friend. Video compression feature for Facebook users through desktops, laptops can be done using the computer’s webcam. By pressing the clips from the web, Facebook, directly from the Web without the need to open the program to record video.

Sister Kircher compressed video now playing the flute. But prerecorded offensive was to compress video several times. The video was pleasant in the end they would be posted on the social network. What many of us, including myself, Kircher and her sister had previously understood is that Facebook should only be used to store video clips were taken to the post. But the fact is that Facebook ingested video files that were taken all around. By keeping a file. FLV

Facebook to store video files that the user who is taking it as a broken clip. Raises the question of whether Facebook has a reason to choose not to delete them to leave immediately. The clip that the user does not need to post synonymous with something the user does not want others to see. Whatever the reason may be just a little bit. Or it could be something too embarrassing. Or it could be something that will cause problems or pose a danger if people see it.

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