Manufacturer Boeing hit by malware WannaCry, company confirmed no impact to production.

Mike VanderWel chief engineer of the production of commercial aircraft, Boeing sent an urgent internal employees to acknowledge by indicating that the epidemic of the WannaCry virus in the plant at North Charleston, where he heard that it affects so used to manufacture aircraft boeing 777 and worry that the virus could be affecting the instruments used to test the operation of the aircraft. The risk of spread to the software in the aircraft.

Later on Wednesday afternoon, Boeing issued a statement saying it. Boeing’s cyber security agency has detected an intrusion of malware placement. And can affect the system a little. This has now been changed to no problem with the manufacture or delivery of aircraft.

Mitchell Edwards analyst threat intelligence and cyber commented. The switch closure WannaCry is being developed now. But hackers have also developed another version of the same WannaCry which traditional solutions can not be used. He expected the virus to attack Boeing WannaCry This is probably the version update.

Malware ransom WannaCry use vulnerabilities in Windows to access the victim’s computer. And to encode files for ransom. This virus is spreading dramatically in May last year and although Microsoft will release an updated patch for emergency Windows patch EthernalBlue is vulnerable for attacks WannaCry particular, but for a computer in the enterprise sector is not. updated with To test whether the patch will have no effect on the software applications. And to simultaneously update a lot.

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