Mozilla launches add-on on Facebook Container tracking protection while using other Web sites.

Mozilla launched Firefox add-on for new Firefox as Facebook Container this system Mozilla has developed over the years. With the purpose of protecting the privacy of users, including the safety of the track of the Facebook which often have the network keep track of the user according to various websites. . by these codes will track the user may not know. And cannot choose to send information?

Facebook Container of Mozilla that, when installed on a Firefox. System is separated from its Facebook activity on other web users. The user is going to use Facebook normally. The Facebook still can send advertising as usual as well, but different in Facebook. To track the various activities of the users on the site other than Facebook harder than ever (but not prevented 100%).

However, Mozilla has warned that Facebook Container not protect it in the event of Cambridge Analytica is an add-on to protect this data collection activities on the Internet. And Mozilla’s goal is not just to focus on any one particular company. But the focus on Facebook to make the issue a clear and resolved more easily, however, users should always check your settings and privacy policies apps regularly use

Facebook Container can be downloaded on the Web Firefox. Add-on

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