[Rumors] Intel proposes acquisition Broadcom. If well deal with Qualcomm fall.

[Rumors] Intel proposes acquisition Broadcom. The Wall Street Journal reported news of the great sequel deal to semiconductor, Broadcom acquired by Qualcomm that will say Intel itself is being watched closely because the deal if the two companies merged together success will actually make it larger and negatively with Intel.

By the way Intel prepared If this deal is not accomplished by any manner Intel proposed acquisition into Broadcom.

Broadcom has the main product is Bluetooth chip, which is essential to mobile devices and network devices of all kinds, so it is a major reason that Intel would like to acquire.

Qualcomm originally scheduled to hold a meeting of shareholders in early March. The agenda was considering selling the business to Broadcom, however, the meeting was postponed for a month. US authorities after suspension To review the deal for reasons of security.

Intel proposes acquisition

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