Amazon Echo’s voice suddenly burst out laughing. The company says is solved.

There are some people who use Amazon Echo revealed that Alexa’s voice suddenly laughed out without ordering the Amazon say that recognition of such problems. And Editing

One user experiences that he was going to lie down, but it emits Alexa laughed. Some users have also posted the clip to Twitter as well. Listen to the sound of my voice Alexa does not look like much, but it sounds like the laughter of the people.

Amazon spokesman Michel Nate specifies that Alexa could understand some of the phrases which are now corrected to Alexa’s reply, for example, if a user asks a laughing matter to Alexa? Alexa answer Yes, I laugh, then it’s followed by a laugh.

However, the laughter of Alexa was also suspicious because some people post on Reddit that Alexa sent laughter came out without a command.

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