When iPhone lock machine 47 years because the baby push password involuntarily.

One day in January of the past. Mother Chinese, one must find a pain to find that her iPhone lock themselves to the next 47 years, the cause is because old son, 2 years old, her play phone, and understood as an attempt to hacked the machine at random enter the password

Apple designed the iPhone to prevent random password to unlock the device. It will block itself is a time when a password is entered incorrectly each time. Tried the password lock yourself time off, it will give rise. We do not know the little boy entered the wrong password a few times. However, the data revealed that the iPhone specify your own mother would lock up 25 million minutes

Apple Store officials told her that there are only 2 options, one is to wait another 47 years to unlock the machine. Or must empty the machine do all the factory reset.

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