Stolen big mining 600 machine computer in Iceland.

The AP reported what stolen big mining by computer 600 machine were used for mine Cryptocurrency. Stolen from the data center in Iceland.

At present, the Icelandic is the heaven of Cryptocurrency digger for the reason that the electricity is cheaper. From geothermal energy and hydropower.

The theft happened to all 4 times by 3 first was born on December. The last time was born in January. But officials close to the news, hoping to trace the criminals.

Now police Iceland can not found the middle but is arrested 11 people (one of them is the staff security.) the reason in theft unclear what was for sale. Or use mine.

Olafur Helgi Kjartansson police chief in charge. In an interview that this is the biggest robbery happened and to put the plan process well.

Now they’re looking at using a lot of energy is wrong. If the computer open up these mine again. And let your Internet service provider or the electric company – the warehouse. To report if found for the power more special.

Stolen big mining

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