Researchers Develop Sensors to Measure Tire Wear Alert when tires decadent.

A team of researchers from Duke develops sensors from Car. Used to Tire Wear Alert the user when the tire is broken. The accuracy of 99%

This sensor is made by printing carbon nanotube particles onto plastic sheets. The printing process is based on the electrical properties of the carbon ink. The sensor itself, which is flexible plastic sheet. It will be installed at the inner surface of the tire. Its principle is to have a battery to release energy into the electrical signal into the tire. The sensor then detects the size of the reflected signal. The size of the signal changes as the wear of tires used. Then the low-power Bluetooth chip will send information to the user.

Researchers say the cost per sensor is only a few cents. To develop for real use. They have a wide choice of applications. The first option is to install multiple sensors across the inner wall of the tire. Alternatively, you can use carbon-ink printing methods with inkjet printers on the rubber surface directly. The battery needed for the sensor will last no less than the tire itself.

Another option is to integrate this sensor with carbon ink into the tire pressure sensor. The latter option is based on the use of battery and transmitter data for the pre-existing air pressure sensor. Install additional batteries and chips.

Today, the research team founded Tyrata to bring the research results to the real sensor production for sale to auto manufacturers. Aaron Franklin, Duke professor of electrical and computer engineering, who led the research team. Tyrata has recently raised $ 4.5 million. It is expected to produce real-time censorship in mid-2019.

Tire Wear Alert

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