Researchers charge the smartphone from a Laser beam charging.

A team of researchers at the University of Washington has experimented with the wireless charging method for mobile phones with new techniques by successfully firing a laser beam.

The past is now. Most wireless charging is the transmission of energy through electromagnetic waves in the radio frequency range. But when the electromagnetic wave is not only radio. Researchers have used light waves to send energy through.

They use a laser beam machine. Delivering 2 watts of power at 4.3 m to the power adapter, which converts energy into electrical energy to power any smartphone or consumer electronics device. The size of the experiment can be transmitted to the target area of ​​about 25 square centimeters.

Researchers have determined that the laser can be adjusted to increase the firing range to a further 12 meters, and to enlarge the beam. The target area of ​​100 square centimeters. The target area is comparable to the small space on the desk where we can place several smartphones in the area for a full 2 ​​watt laser charge. The research team identified that the speed of charging with a laser is comparable to the direct charging plug.

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