The car Tesla Roadster that SpaceX shoot out was beyond the orbit of Mars.

Dawn mission rocket SpaceX today the Falcon Heavy out into space by the Booster 2 machine back landing successfully, but Booster fuel mechanical work. The landing failed leaving the dive into the sea in a deplorable.

The mission this time is to launch electric cars Tesla Roadster red of Elon Musk to Mars after separating from the Booster. Car Van Allen Radiation Belt is a past-time rail 6 hours to show movement, the U.S. Army and then the engine is mounted up again, ready to deliver the car toward Mars.

However, Elon Musk tweeted latest situation report. The engine ignition success But the path of the car, the Tesla beyond the orbit of Mars, and then headed to the Asteroid belt . This is an area that lies between Mars and Jupiter. Shaped objects including asteroids and scattered to many uncertainties.

Now, there is no information about when the path of the car Tesla Roadster changed to collide with anything or not.

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