Shot his sister died. Because of scramble joystick game.

After the issue of gun control and violence of the game is heavily debated in the United States, recent events point to hot up again. When the local media of the State of Mississippi. Reported that A

Application of Steve Jobs going to auction with a price $174,000.

Even Steve Jobs died over 6 years old, but he is also in favor of the people. Many artefacts that tell the story in a time in which he lived on earth up for auction one of

MIT robot solves Rubik Solve the puzzle in 0.38 seconds.

The world record for solves Rubik 3x3x3 with robots since 2016 at just 0.637 seconds Of course, there is the speed is incredible, but two students Ben Katz and Jared Di Carlo from MIT to know in

Apple release advertising iPhone X but bug appear to display alerts in it.

Apple released the new iPhone X ad on YouTube featuring a presentation titled Unlock to unlock your phone with facial features. Compared to what In everyday life Advertising content also enjoy a beautiful view, but of Benjamin

Bali announced the closure of airports and mobile internet, celebrates “Day of Silence”.

17 March. Bali is closed the airport and Mobile internet system all to celebrate the holiday Nyepi which follow a religion. And it is new year’s eve of Bali. The Nyepi translate that “day of silence”. For

Released YouTube Dark Theme mode the app on smartphone.

YouTube Dark Theme features on YouTube launched a page on your desktop for nearly a year. Today apps on smart phones are black theme and then some. The options are in the Option and Dark Theme Select.

WeChat was Australian security risk assessment . According to Huawei, ZTE

Late last month defence Australia agree that the flat Huawei and stop using ZTE organizations. The latest WeChat App chat from China’s fate similar. . after the defense’s risk assessment of stability and security officials told not

Trump orders suspending deal Broadcom takeover of Qualcomm for reasons of national security.

The White House issued a statement by President Donald Trump to suspending deal, Broadcom takeover of Qualcomm after attempted acquisition of foreign investment in the United States. Was advised earlier that the deal could affect national security.

Researchers found the script dig Cryptocurrency on more than 48,000 Web

Troy Mursch security researchers released a report in Bad Packet Reports found that the site was mined money with script dig Cryptocurrency not less than 48,953 web, which of these is WordPress than 7,368 web scripts, mining

When a drone in the Arizona fall and the cause of wildfires.

Earlier this week it was reported that the drone size 16×16 inches fall in a forest area the in Coconino National Forest in Arizona, then wildfires. Before the fire spread to an area of over 300 acres