English stopped using coal to generate electricity for up to 55 hours.

Coal is a cheap source of energy. Commonly used to produce electricity as well. But there are also disadvantages when it is burned, then the toxic products. The cause of the greenhouse. At present, many countries are

Apple launched Daisy robot disassemble iPhone for recycling.

Apple unveiled a robot, named Daisy, a recycling project. Related to the environment, Apple is pushing for. The goal is to provide materials and mineral products of Apple. Can be recycled into new devices have a closed-loope

Google create AI in microscope light tissue analysis cell which is malignant.

Google developed artificial intelligence to analyze images from the microscope. With visual learning tumor tissue that has been diagnosed by a physician for many. It can take a new photo. Recognize that now is the tumor cells

Amazon launched its Internet browser on Android – Internet: fast, lite, and private

Amazon launches a Internet browser on Android an name is Internet: fast, lite and private, quietly in which Amazon talk that fast, light and privacy with one size 2MB now open for download only in India only.

Google project to teach digital skills free for Arab focus on youth and women.

Google launched the project Maharat min Google digital skills and computer for Arabs focused on younger people and women by the Maharat min Google means to build capacity with the aim of the program is Google. To

News from Apple that personnel have 12 people arrested for leak news.

Apple issued a circular to let employees know that last year, Apple has captured 29 personnel inside information to the media for leak news by 29 people, including crew. Employee Contract And partners in the supply chain.

Chinese police arrested the suspect. In concert with the audience more than 50,000 people.

There is a story that in concert of Hong Kong artists Jacky Cheung which opened a show at the city Nanchang China is more than 50,000 audience,. The police arrested the suspect economic case is a fugitive.

Japan found the rare mineral for IT industry many at sea in the Pacific Ocean.

Japan announced the discovery of a rare mineral wealth beneath the sea in the Pacific Ocean. The mineral can be used with a wide range of industries, including IT industry. The survey covers over 2,500 square kilometers.

New Ransomware found to unlock files when you play PUBG.

I don’t know that hackers enjoy or anything, when MalwareHunterTeam found new Ransomware named PUBG Ransomware not would take money from the victim. But I just want to make them play PUBG. When the prey is encrypted

US teens survey 84% said that the phone next to buy the iPhone.

Investment firm Piper Jaffray survey revealed the teenagers in America, thousands of. Average age: 16 years old in 40 States found that 82% of samples now use iPhone increased from late last year, and the survey results